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"I'll be the judge of that"

Another Rating Community
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This is a rating community based on looks and application.


1. Please fill out every single question on the application.

2. Don't bitch if you don't get accepted. My sincerest apologies that you're not cool enough.

3. Please post at least one good picture. Where we can actually see your face.

4. Please type to where people can understand you. We're not asking for exact, perfect grammer. But please try and spell correctly.

5. You are not allowed to post on other entries until you've been accepted.

6. Do not delete your application.

7. Put everything behind a cut.



Favorite music/bands/singers:
Favorite movies:
Favorite books:
Favorite website:
Favorite hobby:

What do you think about drugs?:
What do you think about abortion?:
What do you think about today's major politics?:

Show us how 1337 you are:

Why should you be in this community?:

Pepsi or Coke?:

Pick a song lyric that you like and explain why you picked it.:

We all want to know what you think about yourself. Be very descriptive.:

And put the pictures at the end.

Maintained by infectedheart and fluffypuffer.

The MODS are vomiting_llama and personalasylum.