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I'm bad at making cuts. o.o


Name: The name is Koto. But, because I love you so much, it's really Amanda. Just don't call me that.
Age: 14
Residence: Good ol' Louie-ville Colorado.

Favorite music/bands/singers: I am extremely open when it comes to music. If I had to pick a very favorite genre, it'd be alternative stuff, but I listen to almost everything.
Favorite movies: Spirited Away, Tytanek (long story...), Spiderman, the X-men movies...I like superpowers. o.o
Favorite books: To Kill A Mockingbird, but I only liked it AFTER we stopped Analyzing the shit out of it; Many Mangas including Inuyasha, X/1999, Vampire Game, etc.; Sasquatch - the apes among us!
Favorite website:
Favorite hobby: Arcades.

What do you think about drugs?: I won't use them myself, and I don't support them, however I'm not about to antagonize drug users and march around their house shouting, "ur so bad u shuld go 2 jail 4evr omg u distroye the wrld u stupidhead ur gong 2 hel!!!11110293832"
What do you think about abortion?: In rape cases, I can't blame them, but otherwise - use birth control, please dammit!
What do you think about today's major politics?: Bush and Cheney want to rule the world! :( I think that as the years have passed, they've all gotten stupider But one day we'll have a good leader again! ...I hope... x_x *hides*

Show us how 1337 you are: 80\/\/ 70 7|-|3 906 07 1337! 70R 1 4/\/\ 4 1057 P1/\/34PP13...4/\/D /\/07 906 47 411...|-|0\/\/3\/3R, /\/\Y P1/\/K13 F1/\/93R 15 53><Y. Why should you be in this community?: Because I'm...too sexy for my nose! Too sexy for my eyebrows! And I have big stompy boots to squish people - see? *squishes someone* Pepsi or Coke?: Ruby Red Squirt! Coke and Pepsi make my teeth feel funny. o.O Pick a song lyric that you like and explain why you picked it.: "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! My two front teeth! My two front teeth!" Because then I could get famous and then sell them on ebay for $3982359287, which would be great, because I have no money. ;_; We all want to know what you think about yourself. Be very descriptive.: As far as physical attractiveness goes, I'm not too bad. I'd be a lot prettier if my skin was actually nice. As far as my personality goes, I'm fun. I can find humor and excitement in almost any situation. I also think I give out good advice, because unbeknownst to many of the people I give advice to, I've been in similar situations. As for pictures, I have to scan one - it'll be up within an hour or two. ^___^
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