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nancy drew

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new, number 1

Name: nancy j.
Age: 17.
Residence: winston-salem, nc.

Favorite music/bands/singers:
jazz june.
yeah yeah yeahs.
pedro the lion.
the faint.
the (no) apologies project.
circle takes the square.
bone thugs n harmony.
the postal service.

Favorite movies:
fight club.
pulp fiction.
a clockwork orange.

Favorite books:
the catcher in the rye.

Favorite website:

Favorite hobby:

What do you think about drugs?: i do not use them for my own personal recreation. i have in the past and it was okay when i did it but now i just find it to be lame and useless to me. but if you want to do them then go ahead. i only have a problem with them if they are used in excessive amounts.

What do you think about abortion?: against in most cases. i have never been in the situation, but it is the woman's body it's the woman's choice. but if i was raped and need to take this into consideration i would.

What do you think about today's major politics?: i think that the world right now is crazy. bush is working hard but its not quite cutting it. i am not sure if i really like what he is doing at this point, but i don't think i would be too happy if he get re-elected. but i mean it is a hard place to be in. i don't think i would be able to handle it any better.

Show us how 1337 you are: i own my own community. i get to tell people if they are awesome or not. and even if i didn't own it, i would do it anyway. and i do. therefore i am awesome and elite.

Why should you be in this community?: so i can help better the communities for the elite.

Pepsi or Coke?: coke. all the way.

on the right.

in the middle.

go for it <3
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